S.S.Kumaran - Profiles of Music Director

S.S.Kumaran finished his cinematography course from Chennai Film Institute in 1990. He belongs to the Valliyur village in Thiruvaroor district. The only ambition he had in his life was to come to Chennai and score music for a movie. That ambition drove me to Chennai. Since his dad was a headmaster, his parents were not in approval for his aspirations in cinema. His parents had a negative approach towards cinema. He convinced his dad and joined the Film institute. And then he pursued his dreams to become a music director.

He also had an opportunity to meet Ilayaraja at the Prasad Studios. That is when he came to see how music is made for movies. It was totally different from his knowledge. He did not think he could do anything like that so he pursued a course in cinematography. After that course he got a job as a central government officer and his dad was very happy. Although he worked for the government for about 15 years, he nurtured his dream to become a music director.

One fine day, he decided this is not why he came to Chennai for. He purchased all the equipments and learnt music on my own. He did this after taking a sabbatical for 3 months. He recorded 3 songs – written, produced, scored and sung by him. His family started to become worried. He showed his recordings to Sasi who comes for walks in the park near his house. He heard it and offered him Poo. Poo was a huge recognition for him.

And then he received many offers. But since he wanted quality in his movies, only Kalavani happened. Since he is now familiar with all aspects of movie making he wanted to take myself to the next level. He thought his humor sense would come in handy in his movie making. His movie is a result of his thought process. He produced this movie himself.

He has directed this movie according to the current trends, and what he thought would work with audience. You will know it when you watch the movie. After watching the first copy, Sasi told me that the movie looks mature and does not look like someone who is debuting. And his other friends also drew comparison with Sasi’s works and told me the movie has come out well. He is hoping that all this will work in his favor.