Abhishek Seth
Abhishek Seth - Profiles of Cine Play Back Singers

Abhishek Seth was born on 13 august 1985 and was always like to sing all the time in his house in his childhood. He also used to make paintings etc. too. Till intermediate he was studying and helping his papa in their shop. Suddenly lots of singing reality shows took place and he began to compare himself with TV participants.

During this time his brother suggested him to take training in vocal music so he started taking training. His first teacher was Mr. PC Roy. He learned the music basics from Roy. He learned how to play harmonium, practice sargams for singing etc. After one and half year, he got some problem in his throat and for almost one year, he could not practice regularly.

During this time, Mr. P.C. Roy introduced me to his GURU JI, Dr. Sudarshan Gunguly (Doctorate from Bhatkhande University in Indian Classical Music, SISHYA of USTAAD NISAR HUSSAIN KHAN) to take further training from him. Sudarshan started teaching him from the scratch and in three years his voice has been changed, he got to know the essence and benefits of music. At the moment he still taking further training and doing Riyaaz to be better and better.

He was a double graduate. He has done graduation in B.Sc IT and Indian Classical Vocal Music as well! Apart from that, he was also a computer graphics guy. He do graphic designing, video editing, animation and much more.