C.S.Jeyaraman - Profiles of Music Director

C. S. Jayaraman was a noted actor, music director and a successful playback singer whose numerous songs were featured in many Tamil films, between 1940s and 1970s. He hailed from the temple town Chidambaram and his father was a noted traditional Tamil music vocalist Sundaram Pillai.

Jayaraman had acted in the Tamil movies: Krishna Leela (1934), Bhakta Duruvan (1935), Nalla Thangaal (1935), Leelavathi Sulochana (1936), Izhantha Kaathal (1941), Poompaavai (1944) and Krishna Bhakthi (1948). In addition, he was the sole music director for the Tamil movies, Udayanan Vaasavathathai (1946) and Rathak Kanneer (1954). For two movies, Vijayakumari (1950) and Krishna Vijayam (1950), he functioned as a co music director as well.

Jayaraman's gifted tremolo voice and his enunciation of Tamil words had a mystic charm and grace to the fact that he owned the title Tamil Isai Chittar (Tamil Music Mystic). Jayaraman also had sung a few songs in Kannada movies.