Aslam Mustafa Zahid
Aslam Mustafa Zahid - Profiles of Cine Play Back Singers

Born in Lahore, Mustafa was an outgoing boy from an early age. He started his studies at the Crescent Model School, Lahore and did his matriculation from there. He chose his line of education to be science. He noted that he was encouraged by his parents and teachers to pursue a career in music because he was a good debater. He then enrolled in the Government College University and completed his F.Sc in Pre-Engineering from there.

He said that it had been an honour to have studied at an institution which is considered to be one the best in the world. He used to take part in inter-collegiate and inter-city singing competitions and was said to "make the crowd go wild" with his performances. After that he went to Punjab College of Business Administration for graduation.

Mustafa went to National College of Arts in 07 too which is one of the most well known arts college of Asia. After graduating Mustafa and his friends decided to form the band roxen. Their first video, Yaadien in 2005 went unnoticed by the fans and music lovers and they were dubbed as "Just Another Jal wannabe-band".

Their second video, Sapnay shot to the top spot of music charts all across Pakistan in just 2 weeks and stayed there for 5 more weeks. Even though this new hit gave them (Roxen) a new identity as a mainstream rock band but they emphasized in interviews and blogs that they were still in the underground scene and would continue to be until their album was out.

Mujhko Satao In the mid of 2007, he gave two of his chart busters songs for the Bollywood movie Awarapan. Although Pritam did the music for the film it was mostly unknown that songs were originally composed and written by Mustafa himself.With some help from the Bollywood music Djs the remix of the songs became anthems.

It was the biggest music deal of his career and his devotion to the songs of the movie is still chronicled everywhere. After Awarapan, Mustafa in 2009 came out with another bollywood release 'Khuda Kay Liye' from the film Runway. He is considered to be one of the top vocalists in Pakistan and is also gaining popularity worldwide.

2012 saw Mustafa hit back with a massive bang.He was the first Pakistani singer to be featured in as many as 2 songs on soundtrack of an album.The three songs from Blood Money has already become rage worldwide.Jo tere Sang, Gunah kia and Teri Yaadon Se are said to be one of the best Mustafa Zahids work till today.

Mustafa currently does not have an official website but he stated in an interview that he does have a page on facebook.He has performed in over a 50 cities worldwide including New York, Glasgow, Karachi, Mumbai, Dubai Manama, London Wembley arena. Mustafa Zahid gave special appearance at Sensation Crown Plaza Dubai on 27th September with DJ Suketu Live.

Roxen is the band that Mustafa formed with his friends in 2004. The word Rozen is derived from the Persian word Rozen e dewaar, which is also the name of his band's first album. Their style is a blend of sufi rock, acoustic and pop. The initial band members were Mustafa, Omar Jodi and Haider.

Their debut album titled Roxen-E-Dewaar was released in late 2006 and remained on top of all charts in Pakistan for almost six weeks. The Indian release of the album was scheduled in mid December 2008, but was put on hold by Indian label after the recent Mumbai Attacks.

The Band currently has a new line up with Mustafa, Shahan and Haider where as the band’s debut album has released in India in June 2012. The album is available digitally on as well. Roxens second Album 'Bhoola Samundar' is said to be released late 2012. Roxen & Jal live Performance in Railways Club, Multan.