Charumathi Ramachandran
Charumathi Ramachandran - Profiles of Classical Singers

Charumathi Ramachandran is a Carnatic music singer. She is the senior most disciple of Dr. M.L. Vasanthakumari. She also had musical training under Sri D.K. Jayaraman and Ramnad Krishnan. She learnt the nuances of Veena from T. Brinda. Endowed with a mellifluous voice which can easily traverse octaves, produce thrilling brighas, and also render authentic carnatic gamakas. Her style is the epitome of classicism combining creative and adventurous artistry.

She has a vast repertoire of traditional kritis, varnams, darus, Sahitya Bhava, her diction in any language is impeccable. Her laya artistry and grip over kaala pramana is seen in her Neraval, Swaram and Pallavi singing. In this day and age when the pallavi singing has almost died out, she composes tough pallavis in rare thalas and popularises the "Pallavi". She has set to tune a number of songs.

Most famous of these is Om Namo Narayana – A lyric of Ambujam Krishna. Charumathi’s tuning of this lyric in the beautiful Karnaranjani is a super hit among all singers and listeners. She has also composed Darus and Taranas. She is the first Carnatic Musician to introduce the Hindustani form ‘Tarana’ successfully in her concerts. She has done the Music Direction and Orchestration for a number of stage shows and cassettes.

Notable is Krishnamritha Tarangini along with her husband Trichur Ramachandran and her daughter Subhasri and her disciples. Her latest venture is the setting up of "Raaga Arts Foundation". The first production of this Foundation is the show of the century "Sri Krishna Madhuri" – an operatic presentation combining Music, Dance, Drama, and Video – scope.

This is the true revival of the opera form where Subhasri as Meera Bai and Ramachandran as Swati Tirunal and many other singers and dancers participate. Charumathi is a dedicated and uncompromising teacher whose disciples are already making waves. Charumathi has travelled to USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and other Countries. One of her first Awards is the M.L.V. Award given by Telugu Academy in 1994. She was a gold medalist and stood first in music from the Madras University.