Delhi P.Sunderrajan
Delhi P.Sunderrajan - Profile Of Classical Musicians

Delhi P. Sunder Rajan is a violinist-vocalist of India performing South Indian Classical (carnatic) Music.[1] He is known for his improvisations and style of playing. Coming from the lineage of the legendary flute maestro Sarabha Sastri, Sunder was born to Parasuraman and Valambal of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, India, on July 31, 1969.

His talents were meticulously nurtured under the tutelage of the famed violinist V. Janakiraman of New Delhi. Sunder has since been a performer both as a soloist and an accompanist. He has traveled around the world and across the length and breadth of India giving performances.

Sunder Rajan is also a vocalist, who has been performing vocal concerts widely across the world. Sunder has trained several disciples, many of whom have been performing.

Awards & Titles

Sunder has won the recognition by premier music bodies in India and abroad in the form of many titles and prizes. He has the distinction of having been chosen as the best violinist, three years in succession, from among the top grade concerts held at Madras Music Academy.

An A grade violinist, sunder Rajan has given solo performance at the National Festivals conducted by the All India Radio and National Television channels. Sunder Rajan has been featured as a guest in many famous television talk shows, in India.

Sunder Rajan has also been recently awarded a Junior Fellowship by the Department of Culture of the government of India, for undertaking research in the field of classical music.