Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam
Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandam - Profile Of Classical Musicians

Srimathi has composed many varnams and thillanas. An expert choreographer, she is the guiding spirit of the music in the CD ROM "Thyagaraja - The Evolution of a Musician Saint" released by Solpha Creations USA, a musical organization run by her daughter and musician, Anuradha. She has set lilting music to lyrics of famous composers like Mahakavi Bharathiar and Shri Ramalinga Swamigal.

She is a graduate of the University of Chennai with distinction. Her students are extended the Government of India Scholarship on merit by the Cultural Center of Resource and training. Over the years, Srimathi has released many recording with her brother and with her daughter that are popular among rasikas.
Srimathi, the violinist, popularly known to the world of Carnatic Music as Lalgudi Srimathi Brahmanandan hails from a family of musicians in South India devoted to professional music for four generations. Her father Shri Valadi R. Gopala Iyer was a versatile music teacher who taught vocal, veena, violin and mrudangam.

In her childhood Srimathi learnt from her father vocal and violin from the age of six. An authority on rhythm he imparted on young Srimathi a sound base of rhythm. Then he taught her vocal. Simultaneously, he trained her in bow-finger technique on the violin that simulates the vocal rendering of the immortal kruthis.

Earlier, the father had been the sole teacher of violin to his son and brother of Srimathi, Lalgudi Shri Jayaraman who was much senior to her. Jayaraman had already blazed forth a meteoric rise in violin accompaniment to giants like G.N.B, Ariyakudi, Semmangudi, Madurai Mani Iyer and many other star performers of the older generation.

Awards & Titles

Srimathi was honored with the Papa Venkatramayya Award by the Madras Music Academy in their recent 2009 Music Festival, Chennai. Srimathi was judged the Best Musician of the year by Music Academy for her violin solo with her daughter Anuradha Sridhar in the year 2000. Srimathi is an A-top artist of the All India Radio and has been successfully performing for over 51 years in the field of Carnatic Music.