Choreographer Brinda
Choreographer Brinda - Cinema

Brunda, the ace Choreographer of Indian film Industry hails from a family of dance masters. She learnt Bharatanatyam under her uncle Raghuram Master when she was in Standard Ten. He is a popular dance master in the film field. Before attaining the name of a popular dance master Brunda won acclaim for her role of a gangly student in the Tamil film Nammavar.

 Brunda has worked for nearly 250 films in almost all the South Indian languages and also in Hindi. She has worked for an English film too. She has the stars of tinseldom dancing to her tunes. And, wannabe actors flock to her school to acquire that extra edge before they enter Kollywood. Brunda got married to Malayalam actor’s actress wife Parvathy’s nephew Susi Parameswaran on 7th December. More than 17 years in the field, Brunda makes the top stars dance to her tunes elegantly.