Manjula Ramaswamy
Manjula Ramaswamy - Bharathanatyam

Manjula Ramaswamy, who had her arangetram at the age of twelve, belongs to a family that has, for generations, dedicated itself to dance. she received a gold medal for her overall performance at the school and her mastery over nattuvangam and dance theory.

Manjula says, “My father and I are fond of recalling the words of Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, philosopher and former President of India, 'It takes centuries to create history and takes centuries of history to create tradition. Therefore, tradition can never be brushed aside.' We are not against change but we are, by conviction, uncompromising traditionalists and purists".

What merits particular attention in Manjula Ramaswamy is her humility, her simplicity and dedication. Her total commitment as a Guru has emerged as a yardstick for dance teachers everywhere. Manjula imparts, through her teaching, a great love and longing for perfection. She has had numerous students over the last forty years at their school, Sri Rama Nataka Niketan, SRNN, in Hyderabad. Her absolute command over the cymbals and mnemonic syllables is widely appreciated, and she is acclaimed as one of the leading nattuvangam artists of the country.

Family Background

Her father is the eminent Natyacharya, Guru Sri V.S.Ramamoorthy. Daughter, Ramya Sudarsan. Grand daughter, Varsha.

Musical Training

She learnt from Late "Padmashri" K. N. Dandayudhapani Pillai, and then from her father, the eminent Natyacharya, Guru Sri V.S.Ramamoorthy.

Educational Qualification & Sports

Manjula is a graduate in Commerce, and holds a Master's Degree in Bharatanatyam (MPA) from the Central University, Hyderabad.