Kathadi Ramamurthy
Kathadi Ramamurthy - Profile of TV Artists

If an individual's life were to be measured by his service to his fellowmen, then Kathadi Ramamurthy would definitely make the list. Not for wiping away tears, but for triggering them along with those uncontainable bellyaches - all in the course of a good cause, or you might say a good laugh.

An inexorable artiste, Kathadi refuses to believe that theatre may be among the dwindling arts. “Drama simply cannot die. It is the foundation for many arts.” Yet he is quick to acknowledge that Tamil drama is fettered by many constraints and challenges, including finance, increasing traffic and shifting of theatre-goers to the suburbs, apart from competition from other entertainment media.

Kathadi Ramamoorthy has abandoned the silver screen though he is still a part of a couple of small screen ventures. The actor who has been part of 75 films and a hundred teleserials says the camaraderie between actors of yesteryears, be it the leads or character artistes, has become a rarity today.

For the man whose life under the arc lights glows undimmed, the challenge is to woo young audiences. “People should bring their children to the theatre, though they might cause disturbances initially. If they continue to be left at home, this generation will live with the belief that drama is what they see on television.”