Abhishek - Profile of TV Artists

The actor Abhishek made his debut with the film Mogamul, for which he won the Best Actor award from the State. Later, he plunged into the small screen with many memorable characters. He is the menacing husband in the hit Tamil serial Kolangal, one of the favourite villains of the small screen.

He is the only actor who has experimented with different roles. He played a comic role in Kudumbum, a loving husband in Malargal and a father for Venu Arvind and Chetan in Aadugiran Kannan. He will never stick on to one particular role. He is happy that people still talk about my character in Kolangal.

He is interested in directing and there is a feature film of his which will be coming soon. It has all the ingredients of a commercial movie yet with a different story line. He likes to play the character of a deaf or dumb man. It is challenging to play a role where only their emotions speak.