Damal Ramakrishnan
Damal Ramakrishnan - Profiles of Musical Discoser

Damal is the name of their ancestral village near Kanchipuram. The mention of mythology and talks on ancient epics is enough to conjure up images of dhoti-clad, tilak smeared old man, very unimpressive but looked up to by our grandparents who probably are interested in such `discourses.' He would pass off as an income tax practitioner that he is by profession but he is also at ease in a bhagavatar attire that suits his second calling — Pravachanams (delivering lectures on religion) on stage.

The dais spans across 36 years. Such scholarship and talent has to blossom in childhood. This is how it all started: "I owe this blessing to my father, Srinivasa Iyengar, who was a renowned scholar and speaker of his times. If he inspired me to taking up epics with a sense of dedication and discipline, my mother initiated me into reciting the verses with melodic intonation and then took trouble to teach the inner and immediate meaning of every part of the epic we took up. She used to take me too many religious discourses."

"I am visiting Hyderabad after more than 30 years; it was an enriching experience for me. We were fielding questions every evening and most of them were from school children! Their queries were intelligent and it was heartening to know that GenNext does show interest in mythological stories," says Ramakrishnan. He makes it a point to reach out to the younger generation though the subject he's dealing with is centuries old. "No metaphysics; simple narration with sublime textual verses interspersed with topical instances. That's the way I fashion my discourses," he says.

Awards & Titles

The titles he conquered are Pravachana thilakam,rama katha gana kokilam,ramayana chathurveni, selvan, aathigam parappum arul maamani, seetharama katha pravachana mani,upanyasa choodamani.