Ajay Ratnam
Ajay Ratnam - Profiles of Cine Artist

Ajay Ratnam, one of the talented actors of South Indian film Industry. He made his debut in Nalaya Manithan, a thriller where he acted as the killer man who never meets death and turns a complete baddy, the talented man has come a long way with a history of more than 134 films in the industry.

He has excellent histrionics and proved his talents in each of his movies whether he played a perfect ruthless villain or a good supporting role. He gave his entry into Kannada film Industry through the film KA-99-B-333. He entered the small screen through Raadan Media works’s Teleserial Chithi, where he acted along with Raadhikaa.

He has brushed shoulders with the top rung of the Bollywood: Mahesh Bhat, Priyadarshan, Anil Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborthy on his Bollywood assignments. One hundred and thirty films in five languages, all that in a span of a decade.

Family Background

Ajay Ratnam’s is a love marriage. His wife is Sathya and they are blessed with two lovely boy-kids Vishnu, and Vishwesh.