Brinda Das
Brinda Das - Profile of TV Artists

Brinda Das was one of the earliest entrants to the serial bandwagon. It was when S. Ve. Shekar directed a comedy serial for Doordarshan that she was approached for a role. Now over a 20 television soaps up her sleeves, Brinda Das is to don a whole new avatar in a soap for Raj TV.

“It is again a humour role and I was glad to take that. The role is a refreshing break from histrionics and the serial, as much, will offer solid comedy in every episode,” she assures. Daughter of celebrated former Director General of Police (DGP) K. Mohandas, Brinda Das quite too often pays heed to the altruist in her.

She and her three sisters have begun ‘B Force,’ a non-profit organisation, to support police personnel and their families in diverse areas. The gesture, a tribute to her father, focus on giving healthcare facilities for those with cancer.

“It feels so good to be a tool of help for someone. It is exclusively for police personnel because we wanted to start somewhere and because my mother died of cancer.” Her elegance and grace that you see on screen comes with a reason. A Bharathanatyam- Mohiniyattam professional, Brinda Das choreographs for stage shows.

Her interest in folk dance has made her specialise in the art form. She has plans to conduct a string of workshops across the state for public about folk arts. “I think the segregation of classical and folk depends on individual perceptions. For some, classical dance is grammar and the rule cannot be broken. For me, all sorts of dance forms are rhythms. You dance to the rhythms in the way that suits the tune.”

If you are, perhaps, secretly admiring her flawless complexion and lustrous hair, there are no secrets. “It’s hereditary. I don’t do anything expect keeping my spirits up,” she smiles.