Megna Murali
Megna Murali - Bharathanatyam

Megna Murali, is a passionate dancer. When she was 7 years old, she came under the tutelage of a very talented guru Mrs. Radhika Ganesh to learn Bharathanatyam. Under Guru Radhika Ganesh’s guidance, she was able to focus immensely on intricate aspects of the dance, mainly, the bhava. Megna was eager to learn more beyond just the dance movements and she was able to absorb the emotions of the songs.

Guru Radhika molded her into a complete dancer and challenged her constantly to bring out the expressive side of this dance form. Great amount of credit go to the guru who specializes in the Tanjore style of dance. She has given in numerable performances at several prestigious venues and festivals in the Texas areas as well as other states in the US.