S Ve Shekher
S Ve Shekher - Profile of Drama Artists

S. Ve. Shekher is a famous Tamil play writer and film actor known best for his slapstick humor and for his public welfare initiatives. In 2006, he made an entry into politics by contesting and winning the Legislative Assembly Elections as an AIADMK candidate from Mylapore.In Feb 2009 he started Brahmins Association under the banner FEBAS which has not received any support from the already existing association THAMBRAAS.

S. Ve. Shekher was born Sattanathapuram Venkataraman Shekher in a Thanjavur Iyer family on 26-December-1950. He completed his diploma on Mechanical Engineering and post diploma in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. S. Ve. Shekher is married to Uma. The couple have a daughter named Anuradha and a son named Ashwin who has debuted in the Tamil flim 'Vegam'.  He is a close friend of Super Star Rajinikanth.

S. Ve. Shekher's stage career began in 1974 when he acted in his first stage play. Since then, there has been no looking back. He was spotted by director K. Balachander who cast him in his movie "Varumai Niram Sevappu". After performing movie roles in around 70 Tamil films, S. Ve. Shekher eased his way into the television screen, delivering hits such as "Vanna Kolangal" and "Nam Kudumbam".

An expert in broadcast, sound effects and theatrics, he won the Best All India Programme Producer Award for four years in a row from RAPA (Radio & Television Advertisers & Producers Association). As a photographer, his colour transparencies have adorned the cover pages of popular Tamil magazines. Encouraged by the success of a Singapore drama tour in 1973, he formed his drama troupe Natakhapriya which has so far staged about a score of plays, commanding over 3800 shows. His troupe frequently tours the United States, Europe, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Starting eight full length plays at one go, from 7.47a.m. to 1.49a.m. of the following day, Shekher performed a record of sorts in April 1985. While this is acknowledged an unsurpassed feat of a stage artiste in the Limca Book of Records, Shekher credits this to his audience and fellow artistes. The Mylapore Academy adjudged him "The Best Comedian" for three years in a row. Magazine Wisdom chose him as the 1990s Best Comedian, the Jaycees honoured him as The Outstanding Youth. Awards galore, the state's prestigious Kalaivanar Award, Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram's Kalai Maamani Award and Best Drama Troupe Award have only made him much more committed and devoted to the realm of arts and the society.

Taking his technical proviso along with histrionics, he produced recently a unique television show, a real treat, "S. Ve. Shekher meets S. Ve. Shekher", wherein he is both the interviewer and interviewee. Some of the title accorded by Sabhas and other agencies: Drama Superstar, Comedy King, Sirippalai Chirpi, Nathaka Vasool Chakravarthy, Nagaichuvai Nayagan, Nagaichuvai Thenral, Nagaichuvai Ilavarasan aptly portray his qualities as humourist. An extrovert, he easily mixes with others.