Vijay Adhiraj
Vijay Adhiraj - Profile of TV Artists

Vijay Adhiraj an handsome hero has a fantastic fan following among women. The TRP obsessed marketing men and channel heads want him to do more serials and call him "The Vijay of the small screen", comparing him to Tamil superstar Vijay! Whatever be the role he plays — a trusting husband, a sacrificing brother, a devoted son or a loyal friend — there is something about Vijay that makes television viewers root for him. The `Nice Guy' image has worked wonders for his career and made him the highest paid male actor on Tamil television. 

Though Vijay is of Telugu origin, he was brought up in Chennai. He has been in the industry for the past 10 years. His father, Anand Mohan, a Telugu producer, wanted to make Vijay a film star but it never worked. He is still hoping to get the right break in films and says, "In Hindi, Shah Rukh Khan had begun his career as a television artiste and even now actors such as Sanjay Suri, and Aman Verma are able to make an impression on the big screen.

He says: "All my serials on Sun TV had immense reach and wherever I go I get the same recognition that a movie star gets. Vijay is grateful to Kalanidhi Maran of Sun TV who gave him the initial breaks when he anchored programmes such as "Neengal Keta Padal" and Radhika Sarathkumar of `Radaan' and director C. J. Baskar, who has given him meaty roles. He has also started work on his first serial in Telugu on Gemini TV for `Radaan'.

His position in ten for 2008 is not justified for he dominated the year by being present in almost all channels as the prime host. He was also the most sought for host in many felicitatory functions shown live in television. However he being absent in the Television for the past three months may have pushed him back. Still, even though not anchoring any program now, he has found a place and that may be because of his multitude of programs in 2008.