Anantha Kannan
Anantha Kannan - Profile of TV Artists


Anandha Kannan moved out of hometown Singapore to head to Namma Chennai to pursue theatre studies, after getting a scholarship with Koothu-p-patarai. Now, we all know him as a popular game show host through various programmes in Sun TV and more recently as a Radio City RJ.

Anandha Kannan says “I did programmes for Vijay TV and was working part-time mainly for money. After a month, I auditioned for Sun Music and got through and that is how it all began.” He shot to instant fame with his bold streaks and his bright clothes when he started off as a VJ. He proclaims that the white spikes he sported was his craziest makeover ever.

Three years of VJing must have been fun. But what made him quit at the peak of his popularity? “I get bored easily,” pat comes the reply. “Even while I was with Sun Music I kept shifting through different shows and fought for new shows. Any new show and I would make sure I’m a part of it. I had a great time there.”

While television was on one side, he ventured into Radio and now hosts ‘The Radio City Joy Ride’ during evenings. But interestingly neither RJing nor VJing is as challenging enough as acting for him. “RJing and VJing require me to be myself which is easy, whereas a lot of research has to go in for acting. I have to analyse the character and get into its skin.” After the not so successful TV serial Sindhubad, currently he is associated with a cinema, which is at the scripting stage, “It is something very close to my heart and I am also one of the core writers.” he says.