Mimicry Sethu
Mimicry Sethu - Profile of TV Artists


Son following father’s footsteps is not new. But inheriting dad’s talent and pursuing the same profession, perhaps is. For Sethu, son of noted mimicry artist Sivagangai Sethurajan, his greatest bequest from his father is the versatile voice. Sethu’s penchant for mimicry began at an age when he was too young to realise his father’s fame. He emulated the mannerisms of famous personalities, whom his father met.

A decade after his maiden performance, Sethu took to mimicry with calls for stage shows. But holding on to the path chosen was tough. That was a period when mimicry was gaining momentum in the state and entertaining troupes were saturated with such artists.

The waiting phase was also learning period for the artist as he tuned his mimicry to perfection. The wait yielded result as Vijay TV offered him the anchor’s role for the comedy show ‘Kalakka Povadhu Yaru’ (KPY). “Though it was not my debut in television medium, it gave me the much-needed identity,” says Sethu. His early TV shows including ‘Sagala Vs Ragala’ on the same channel, failed to scale the TRP ratings.

Sethu’s uniqueness lies in the voices he chooses. He brings back the memory of many forgotten faces of Tamil film industry with his impeccable emulation. Mimicking popular actors might be amusing for the audience. But what do actors think about it? “They don’t mind as far as we don’t mock at them. The moral code of conduct of every mimicry artist is to resist mocking at the mannerisms of the actors.”