Aravamudachariyar - Profiles of Musical Discoser

Aravamudachariyar learnt Vedas, Prabhandas and initial lessons in music from his father. It is noteworthy that Sri. Ranganatha Iyengar enacted as Narada/Swami Nigamantha Mahadesika, in the drama 'Sankalpa Suryodayam' and used to act & sing at the stage. He had also given vocal support for Harikatha performances of S.T. Srinivasachariar. 

Having served in reputed organisations such as Remington, IBM, and IDM etc. for over 20 years, he decided to give up the job and pursue Harikatha as his full time career, at the age of 43. Learnt Sampradaya Granthas from H.H. Srimath Thirukudanthai Andavan and the intricacies of Harikatha and music from the doyen, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Embar Vijayaraghavachariar. 

With his guru Embar's reference, the Madras Music Academy invited him in 1979 to present a Harikatha. The maiden performance (1979) itself became an instant hit and in the same year - All India Radio, Trichy started offering programme as a graded artist and with 20 years of service, AIR has upgraded him as a TOP Grade artist. 

Has performed in all leading Sabhas, major cities/towns and in small villages too. Imparting training to students on Harikatha at Sri. Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalya, run by Srirangam Srimath Andavan Asramam.