Velukudi Krishnan
Velukudi Krishnan - Profiles of Musical Discoser

Sri U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy needs no introduction. He belongs to the SriVaishNava community . He travels tirelessly around the globe to spread the sweet and enduring messages of our dear AzhwArs and AchAryAs, which are our cherished wealth passed on between generations. The chaste Tamil used by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy in his UpanyAsams with rich content is a true delight to the ears and mind.

Krishnan swamigal daily giving an excellent speach in VIJAY TV at morning 06.00am, about Bharathathil Darumam. Swamigal explained one sloka from Bhagavat gita everyday in Dordarshnan Podigai at 2007 and it went upto 3 years to finish. At the same time he explains 108 Diviya Prabandam details. Swamiji discourses in sanskrit,tamil,hindi and English. Also visiting abrod frequently to spread the special of Indian spiritualism. Krishnan swamigal also called Baala vaag amrutavarshu, Sollin selvar, Sri Ramanuja seva shree. Swamigal running an Trust to help poor students and developing the old temples renovation.

After Velukkudi swamy reached acharyan tiruvadigal in front of Sriranga nachiyar and paramapada vasal near Chandra pushkarini at Srirangam in Jan 1991, I had to deliver lectures. All my kalakshepams were with my father only from early ages. Since this did not go well with full time job, I am a consultant now.

More than all, adiyen is a person interested in propagating Ramanuja's Divya agnya in the way shown by his father. He have joined this group to learn more and to share whatever little is known to him. Academically, he was a qualified, Chartered and cost accountant worked in multinationals for
12 years. Quit a year back.