P.S.Narayanaswamy - Profiles of Musical Discoser

Puliyur Subramaniyam Narayanaswamy also spelt Narayanaswamy is a carnatic music vocalist. He had started giving concerts both public and through All India Radio, at the age of 15. He was with Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer under the “Guru kula vasam” system for over a decade. He gave his first full fledged concert at the age of 22. He did not feel shy or afraid of the audience. He got the full support from Semmangudi sir.

PSN is known as pichai to close friends and pichai mamato to youngsters and students. PSN moved one to Chennai in the second half of the fifties and soon established himself as a classy contest artist and a teacher of high order. Blessed with a powerful voice, PSN absorbed its special aspects of the music of all stalwart musicians of the last century carving out a style of his own. As his voice responded very well to fast tempo, his style became “bridge” oriented.

His gnif over tala and rhythm has been commendable that he has its facility to handle hibricate pollaris with ease of dexterity. PSN had the privilege of being accompanied by patha venkatramaiah (violin) and Palghat Mani Iyer (mridhangam). He is a very friendly person by nature. His public relationship is something to be highly appreciated and he is person full of humour.

In those days people had plenty of time at their disposal. Besides, there was no other means of entertainment. Today, we have a whole lot of things like T.V., Radio, Internet and so on. But in Kerala, even today longer duration concerts are in vogue.

PSN is having around 40 students including girls. And make them work to sing more ragas for rendering in concerts. According to PSN, his guru Semmangudi made his disciples to develop in their own style. Likewise, PSN do not encourage his students to follow his style. He feels that many students are unfortunately not dedicated ones and advices them to learn the art with devotion.

The songs of the great composers of carnatic music have been handed down through generations by the guru – sishya parampara. Semmangudi sir belongs to the umayalpuram sishya parampara. The other thillaisthanam school – Walajapet school.

Family Background

He was born on 24-2-1934 at konerirajapuram. His father was a doctor by Profession who was fond of Carnatic music.

Musical Training

PSN had his initial training in music under Tiruppamburam Somasundaram pillai, a Nagaswaram vidwan, Mudikondan Mani Iyer and later under Mudikondan Venkatarama Iyer and T.M.Tyagarajan.

Awards & Titles

A recipient of the Padma Bhushan honour from Govt.of India, Sangeetha Choodamani, Bala Gana Ratnam(age 12), Sangeetha Sigamani, Nadakkana, Sangeetha charya, Madhura gana mamani, Sangeetha kala Sagaram, Isai Selvam, Innisai chakravarthy Gana Kalanidhi, Sangeetha kala Acharya and Asthana vidwan of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.