Profiles of Lyricist

Arivumathi is a nature lover. He adds that nature was at its pristine best at Kumarakom. It was a wonderful experience and he would cherish it for a long time. He insists that children be taught to develop love for Tamil and nature. He feels that City-bred kids hardly get to think about nature. There is certainly a need to take them closer to nature, educate them of its pristine facets. Urban children must spend their vacation in the countryside.

Arivumathi, who has worked as an assistant to renowned directors Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja and Bhagyaraj, also wrote dialogues for the film ‘Siraichallai.' The writer, who considers writing folk, love melodies and songs with social consciousness as his forte, has penned lyrics for quite a few upcoming films, including, AVM's 175th film ‘Mudhal Idam,' and Thankar Bachchan's ‘Kalavadiya Pozhuthugal.'

He had not used foreign words in any of the cine songs he had penned so far and will stick to it in the future as well. He firmly believes that there is no need for borrowing alien words when Tamil language is so rich.

Arivumathi was all praise for Palaniappan's love for Tamil language. He did not expect Palaniappan to approach him even after he had turned down his requests twice before. But when Palaniappan did, he could make out that he respected my knowledge of Tamil.

He penned four songs for the movie Mandhira Punnagai and all those were written at Kumarakom in Kerala. Along with him, Palaniappan and music director Vidyasagar were also present and the tunes were composed there. He had given up writing cine lyrics five years back. Palaniappan wanted me to pen songs for his earlier films ‘Sivapathikaram' and ‘Pirivom Sandhipom' as well.