Lyricist Suratha
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Poet Suratha, or Rajagopalan wrote in the lineage of Paventhar Bharathithasan and derived his pen name from ‘Subburatinathasan’ ie. Bharathithasan. Suratha became renowned for the allegorical poetry he wrote to feature in many Tamil movies.

Poet Suratha’s strict devotion to lyrics based on spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms didn’t garner as many opportunities for him those days through Tamil silver screens, that mostly relied on other continually successful themes. His mark in the universe of Tamil poetry however is phenomenal, as he paved way for similar lyrics to regain popularity in much later Tamil movies through other poets.

Suratha’s poetic lyrics in Tamil films number more than 100 and memorable songs such as ‘Amuthum thenum ethatku’, rendered by divine bliss voiced Seergazhi S. Govindarajan crowns them all. Another popular song of Suratha – about eternal samsara in ‘Aadi adangum vaazhkaiyada’ is rendered again by Seergazhi S. Govindarajan in his voice of depth for the Nagesh starer blockbuster ‘Neerkumazhi’.

Other famous songs written by Suratha for movies include ‘Vinnukku meladai’ where the male and female singers verse the ‘perfect outfit’ for everything from the space down to earth and therein. Poet Suratha passed away on June 20th, 2006.