Krishnaganam, Needamangalam - Alamelu-Subbaraman
Profiles of Musical Discoser

Namasankirtanam is one of the best ways to express devotion. Regretting the fact that he had not sung bhajans in his childhood years, Tyagaraja sang, ‘Sirutha Praaya Mulanade Bhajanamruta Rasa Viheena Kudarkudaina.' ‘Sambo Mahadeva' had a folksy lilt. The abhang ‘Sankhu Chakra Vyjayanthi' was in Ahirbhairavi scale.

Needamangalam Alamelu and Subbaraman took the stage next and spoke on Rasa Leela. Kanchi Paramacharya once observed that the gopikas's devotion was the ultimate. Subbaraman, with his flowing beard looked like a sage of yore. What struck one most was his utter humility in words and demeanour, as he acknowledged the scholarship of other speakers in the programme.

He came up with anecdotes and quoted instances from the Ramayana too, to illustrate bhakti, but the result was a sketchy affair, not the unimpeded flow one would expect in a discourse. Alamelu's singing lacked modulation. When the duo sang, she raced ahead of Subbaraman, leaving him to catch up with her. Also she should look more relaxed.