Poet Kulothungan
Profiles of Lyricist

Kulothungan was not even 20 when his first poem on the glory of Tamil was published in a magazine. That was nearly 60 years ago. Since then, he has produced 11 collections of Tamil poems. Besides, he has written numerous articles in Tamil and English. Kulothungan, whose poetry has followed established Tamil traditions, is not a Tamil scholar by qualification. 

Basically, he is a hydrologist. But, even from the early days, he has been having a deep interest for Tamil language. For intermediate, he could have joined St. Joseph College or National College, two reputed institutions in Tiruchi. But, he chose Municipal College, Salem, because Deveneya Pavanar was a Tamil teacher there.

The poet, whose original name is V.C. Kulandaiswamy, went on to pursue his studies in technology and hydrology in IIT, Kharagpur, and the University of Illinois, United States. But, his passion for Tamil and Tamil literature continues irrespective of his profession. He points out that this does not mean that he was indifferent to his core area.

His recent writings include a work of poetry, called “Manuda Yatirai” (Journey of Man). This work, published in three volumes, deals with three broad areas – society, science and spiritualism. Through his works, has dealt with social, economical and developmental issues, without any bias, in a manner that is mellifluous and pregnant with social commitment and conscience. Different aspects of his works will be discussed.