Profiles of Cine Play Back Singers

Vijay Balakrishnan popularly known by his stage name, Krish, is a Tamil playback singer. He got married to actress Sangeetha Arvind on February 1, 2009 at Thiruvannaamalai. Other than working with reputable Indian film composers, including Harris Jayaraj, A. R. Rahman, and Yuvan Shankar Raja, he also sang a song in Walt Disney Pictures-production, Alladin (it’s a whole new world), and has been a performer in their Broadway theatre musicals.

Krish debuted as a playback singer in the Tamil film Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (2006), with the song "Manjal Veyyil". His song "June Ponal" from Unnale Unnale made him a household name, after which he was a predominant singer for Jayaraj's compositions. The songs "Oru Mugamo" from Bheema, "Karu Karu" from Pachaikili Muthucharam, and "Adiye Kolluthe" from Vaaranam Aayiram are some of his most popular songs composed by Jayaraj. Krish sung two songs in the film Kandaen, whilst he also made a debut as a lyricist in the film.

Krish has always been passionate about music and acting, and that is the reason he equipped himself with western music skills and a degree in acting. (He also studied computer science, just in case he failed to make it to his desired field.

When Harris Jayaraj first listened to Krish's recording through a common friend, he immediately realized that it was the voice he had been waiting for to effectively deliver his brand of music to the audience. He made Krish sing a few lines of 'Manjal Veyil" in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. From there began Krish"s musical journey in Tamil film industry. Then came the song that made him a household name 'June Ponaal' in Unnale Unnale.

He became an inhouse singer for Harris Jayaraj. 'Oru Mugamo' of Bheema, 'Karu Karu' of Patchai Kili Muthucharam, and 'Adiye Kolluthe' of Vaaranam Aayiram are some of the best songs he has sung for Harris Jayaraj. Not just for Harris Jayaraj, Krish has also sung for many other music directors as in Thenavettu, Thee, Aayutham Seivom, Guru En Aalu, etc.

Making everyone calmly sway to his mellifluous voice in 'Elay' (Sakkarakatti) composed by A.R. Rahman, he is one of the most sought-after singers in Tamil film industry. With his passion for acting, good looks and a fantastic reputation in the Tamil film industry, Krish should have been a successful actor-singer by now.

But why did this young man delay his acting career? Because he wants to be perfect in whatever he does and so, he is waiting for the right script. Krish is one of those level-headed youngsters who knows what he is doing and plans accordingly. With his kind of composure and discerning capacity, Krish will surely make the right choice soon and when he does, he will surely revolutionize the acting styles of Tamil film industry just like his favourite actor Kamal Hassan.