Profiles of Music Director

T. Govindarajulu Lingappa (died 2005) was a noted music director who had scored music for Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies. He is the son of T. Govindarajulu Naidu who is also a famous film music director who had a very old beginning in the Tamil film industry.

T.G. Lingappa is the second son had learned music from his father T. Govindarajulu Naidu. His family stayed in Thiruchi. This is where M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar (MKT) used to sing in their house and T. Govindarajulu Naidu introduced MKT to his children. T. Govindarajulu is a harmonium player in special dramas, but was also known as the one who taught music for K. B. Sundarambal.

He also sold musical instruments and gramaphone in Thiruchi, but the businees was not doing very well. T.G. Lingappa had learned to play several musical instruments. In 1940, T. Govindarajulu Naidu took his family to Madras to look for greener pasture there.

At the age of 14, Lingappa tried to act in the film Kamathenu which was produced by Visvanathan. Instead Visvanathan had asked Lingappa to sing and to remain with him for some time to given chance. He stayed a few months and when it is not fruitful and then moved on. Since he is able to play musical instuuments, he then joined the Mayoora Film Orchestra and played harmonium, mandoline and guitar. This orchestra used to play music for films and gramaphone. It is to be noted that Lingappa played instruments for Ashok Kumar in 1941 and he was earning salary of Rs30 monthly.

In the same year Lingappa approached Gemini Studios to try his luck. C. Ramchandra was working there with other older artistes. But Lingappa was rejected due to his young age. Not giving up, Lingappa proceeded to Salem to try his chance in Modern Theatres when music director T. A. Kalyanam invited him. There Lingappa met T. R. Papa and K. V. Mahadevan. It was the time during the 1940s where everyone was circumambulating all available studios for opportunities.

In 1945, Lingappa returned to Madras and worked under R. Sudarsanam in the Pragathy Studios and he played instruments in the film Sri Valli (1945). Lingappa went to Karakkudi to play musical instruments when AVM Productions made Naam Iruvar (1947). In 1948, he returned to Madras and worked under C. R. Subburaman. All these experience under different renowned music directors had sparked an idea to be a freelance musician.

He went on to purchase modern instruments from abraoad, especially London where he bought the electric guitar. Lingappa is well capable of playing the guitar. Music directors G. Ramanathan, S. V. Venkatraman and K. V. Mahadevan had used Lingappa for several of their songs. From then on Lingappa was playing many instruments under all the leading music directors.