Adnan Sami
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Adnan Sami (born 15 August 1973) is a British-born Pakistani Canadian  singer, musician, pianist, actor and composer of Pakistani origin. He currently holds Canadian citizenship and works and lives in Mumbai, India. His style merges Asian and Western music styles and instrumentation and ranges from classical to jazz to modern pop-rock.

Adnan's father, Arshad Sami Khan, filed a defamation suit against Zeba and her family claiming that during the hearing, he and his family members were defamed. According to Sami, this was when he began to gain weight by using food for comfort and getting more depressed and this became a vicious cycle.

In 2001, Sami fell in love with and married Dubai-based Sabah Galadari his third marriage and her second. This relationship also called quits a year-and-a-half later. According to Adnan, Sabah left him because he was obese. He also claimed that they were married for 10 years.

Around 2001, Sami, who was then based in Dubai, unsuccessfully attempted to acquire Indian citizenship. After failing to acquire Indian citizenship, he attempted to acquire Canadian citizenship and was successful in getting it.

In 2002, Adnan filed an appeal for the custody of his son Azaan in a Pakistani court by claiming that Zeba had obtained the custody of Azaan by "misleading the Canadian court through false and ill-founded allegations against him". Soon after, the two agreed to reconcile and settle the issue out of court after years of legal battles. Adnan agreed to let Zeba have custody but wanted access to Azaan. But it did not work out and in 2004; he sued the Canadian government for $30 million in connection with the immigration raid that had ended with his son "being whisked away". According to Sami, he won the case.

In 2004, Sami revealed himself as a huge fan of S D Burman and R D Burman. In 2005, Adnan suffered from lymphoedema and developed an abscess in the knee. He was in intensive care, had to undergo a risky surgery and was in bed for three months. In June 2006, Adnan weighed 206 kilograms (450 lb) and according to him, his doctor said he was giving him just six months to live. By diet, exercise and will-power, Adnan lost 107 kg (240 lb) weight in 9 months.

Adnan married for the third time on 3 April 2010, with an Afghan origin German national woman, Roya Faryabi. Roya works as Project Manager for a US-based company, operating in Germany. According to media, Adnan first met Roya in India and proposed to her after some time, while Roya says that she always liked Adnan and he is the best match for her.

Family Background

Born in 1973 to Naureen and Arshad Sami Khan, Sami was brought up and educated in London, United Kingdom. His father Arshad was a pilot with the Pakistan Air Force and a Pakistani diplomat. Adnan Sami was married to Zeba Bakhtiar for a short period (2nd marriage, separated in 1996/1997) from whom he had a son Azaan Khan. After their separation, Adnan allegedly abducted their son and took him to Dubai after the Lahore High Court awarded custody rights to Zeba.

Musical Training

Sami attended Rugby School. He had played the piano since the age of five. Sami began taking lessons from Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. Sami went on to learn Indian classical music from Mahraj Khatak, a Pakistani classical singing teacher and dancer. At the age of sixteen, Sami was approached to write a song for famine-hit Ethiopia for which he won a special award from UNICEF. He graduated from King's College and became the first person to play Indian classical music on the electric piano.

Awards & Titles

Sami has won many international awards, including the Nigar Award, the Bolan Academy Award, and the Graduate Award. He was given a special award by UNICEF for the song he wrote for famine-hit Ethiopia as a teenager and a United Nations Peace Medal for a song he wrote and performed for Africa.

A review of his piano solo performance on Channel 4, UK, in Keyboard Magazine acknowledged him as the "Keyboard Discovery of The 90s". In 2001, he was awarded the Breakthrough Artist of the Year by MTV. He was invited to be a member of the jury of the prestigious music festival Voice of Asia competition, held annually at Almaty, Kazakhstan - the jury comprises top music composers of the world.

As a classical concert pianist, Sami has had the honour of giving "Group" Royal Command performances before the King of Sweden and King Hussein of Jordan. In 2008, he was presented the Naushad Music Award by Andhra Pradesh Department of Culture, at Hyderabad. In 2008 he also won "Best International Act" at the UK Asian Music Awards.