Vijay Antony
Profiles of Music Director

Vijay Antony At the age of 21, Vijay Antony discovered that he has always been immensely interested in composing music and also in writing lyrics for the songs he composes. This indomitable interest led him to learn music and the technicalities in music. Soon, he obtained a degree from the Trinity College of London and set up his own in-house studio called Audiophiles at Chennai.

Subsequently, he started looking out for a platform to exhibit his talents as a musician and as a composer. Soon, opportunities started opening up for him to compose jingles and scores for popular Indian television features.

 In 2004, noted Producer Aascar Ravichandran identified his potential as a music director and offered Vijay Antony to work as a music director in his movie called 'Dishyum' which was a run-away success.
Though the first movie he signed for as a music director was “Dishyum”; he was introduced as a debut music director through “Sukran” produced by S.A Chandrasekaran.Both Sukran and Dishyum had songs with a new feel and a unique tone to it. Lyrics were notably different and soon the songs became a huge hit among the Tamil cinema audience.

After Sukran and Dishyum, Vijay Antony as a music director had no turning-back. Soon he had offers coming in to work as a music director. Through his hard, dedicated work, he has been giving consistent hits. He was the first Indian to win the 2009 Cannes Golden Lion for the 'Nakka Mukka' commercial (for Times of India) in the Best of Music category. 'Nakku Mukka' raised his fame and that song was played in the 2011 cricket world cup.

Vijay Antony is one of the most successful Music directors in the history of Tamil Cinema Industry, with countless hits, and worldwide sales across the globe. Turn on the radio and you will be certain to hear massive melodies, Rap, melded with Euro dance grooves, a modern pop style inextricably rooted in an innovative approach by Vijay Antony.

Now, Vijay Anthony has taken an absolute new turn. He is debuting as an actor in an upcoming movie called “Naan”. He is the first music director to venture out as an actor. Hope we will soon be witnessing a new interesting avatar of Vijay Antony as an actor.