Profiles of Cine Play Back Singers

L. R. Eswari is a Veteran playback singer of the Tamil movie industry. She also sang in other languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu, and English. Her full name is Lourde-Mary Rajeshwari. Since there was already another established singer with the name of M.S.Rajeshwari her name was abbreivated into L.R.Eshwari. She did not have any formal training in singing. Her mother was a chorus singer in films. Eshwari used to accompany her mother to the studios and soon began singing in the chorus herself, but quickly got a break to lend her voice as lead-singer.

 Her first break came from Sri K.V.Mahadevan in 1958 in the movie 'Periya Idaththu Sammandham', her first solo song recorded in this movie was 'ivarey thaan avarey'. But major recognition came from the song 'vaarai en thozhi vaaraayo' from the movie 'paasa malar' (1961) sung under the baton of Viswanathan-Ramamurthy, which composers explored and exploited her vocal abilities to the maximum extent possible over the next 20 years.

She sang under the direction of famous composers like M.S.Viswanathan, K. V. Mahadevan, Ilayaraja and Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan. Her unique voice was considered to be suited for peppy numbers in the movies, be it a dance tune, folk song or a devotional track. Her song "Vaarayo Thozhi" from Paasa Malar was a popular choice for wedding music.

She has also recorded many devotional albums in praise of the Goddess Amman which were hugely popular among the Tamil community and were played in many temples. Her "Chellatha" and "Karpoora Nayagi" numbers has won her a lot of fame among devotees.

She sang romantic songs filmed on heroines as well as cabarets filmed on dance-artistes and also folk songs. If she was the queen of the jazz variety music having the right verve and attitude to sing them, she was equally at ease with native folk numbers having the perfect vigour and vibrance to sing them, brilliant in dance numbers owing to the rhythm and swing in her voice, sounded natural and effortless in the most soft and whispery numbers sung with exemplary control and feel and brought a rare warmth to all her romantic numbers

Her style was most unique, and she remains the most unimitable singer to this day in the indian music industry. Her voice has a very haunting quality to it, as well as a deep pathos, and for this reason she was used in many songs just for a couple seconds of humming, but even those couple seconds made those songs immemorable in her name. Perhaps she and P.Susheela were the most popular female-duet-duo ever, they complimented each other perfectly in terms of voice and style, and sang very many popular duets in their times.

Many of the Well-known film, Karaoke,stage,reality show singers and celebrities have undoubtedly accepted that her unique voice, modulation, clarity, high pitch, rhythm, expression,style, feel of the song, can never be replicated or reproduced or imitated by anyone. Her Voice and songs stands across generations over and remains as fresh as new in the millions of South Indian fans all over the world.

She brought a very rare life and spirit to each song she sang and will remain one of the most unique singers of our country. In some ways she was perhaps ahead of her times. After a long break, she made her re-entry through a rocky peppy Tamil Song "Kalasala Kalasala " from Movie Osthi 2011. It has became a super hit and reached music box office top ratings.

Family Background

She was born in Chennai into a Roman Catholic family to Anthony Devraj and Regina Mary Nirmala. Her ancestors were from Paramagudi near Madurai.

Awards & Titles

She has won Kalaimamani, the Tamil Nadu's state award for her contributions to the flim industry.